The White Tiger Traders

The White Tiger Traders are currently recruiting newer players! We are a close-knit friendly group of people who have a focus on trading and peaceful play which we intend to maintain.

We are accepting of all who wish to be traders, harvesters or goods-producing players alike. We believe that our members should be able to play the game they want without having to be looking over their shoulder for the next attack on their cities.

At the White Tiger Traders we provide valuable information on game mechanics and provide advice, as well as support, to our newest members. We believe in building up and providing assistance to our members who need it.

There are some rules that must be followed to remain a member of this alliance:

  1. We are a vibrant, active alliance. Therefore, you must be willing to be online and playing Illyriad at least once per week at a minimum. We can’t help you if you are never playing and you risk missing valuable news and information by not being available.

  2. Once you have established yourself by building up to 5 cities, you will have the option of leaving the Tigers for another alliance that may be closer to your game outlook or staying and taking on a leadership and/or support role. In this way, the White Tigers remain a dynamic alliance with a continual influx of new players.

  3. As you build your cities up to a level where you are generating excess resources, you will be expected to help out newer members to grow by donating needed resources and/or manufactured products directly to them or to designated trade hubs. We will help you to build Traders to accomplish this.

  4. Respect the 10 square rule of no settling within ten squares of another player’s town. This especially goes for settling within another alliance’s territory.

  5. Barring prior permission, we ask that you refrain from harvesting within 5 squares of any of our towns and definitely respect the privacy of other towns, either alliance or non-alliance towns, by not harvesting too close to them without permission. In this way we stay out of conflicts which allow you to grow your cities in peace.

  6. We use our armies for hunting and defense ONLY. The same goes for our diplomats. Willfully attacking another player, a member of another alliance or not, militarily or diplomatically, is justification for immediate expulsion from the White Tigers. You will find yourself on your own and possibly facing another alliance that wants to wipe you out. The only exception to this is for Abandoned cities.

  7. If the White Tigers are attacked, every member must be willing to help out as best they can. Report your military and diplomatic resources to our Defense Minister and he or she will guide you from that point on.

 Violating these rules may leave you subject to expulsion from the alliance. We don’t do this lightly – we want you to succeed.

Aside from these easy-to-follow rules, we welcome you to experience Illyriad as a White Tiger Trader.