Building A New Settlement

You have the required population to expand and a settler built. Congratulations!

Hopefully, you have learned a few things from your first city, but here are some guidelines to follow for your next cities.

In this section we are going to discuss the following topics:

  • Buildings needed
  • Researches which are needed
  • A step-by-step approach to building a new city

First and foremost, there are many ways to go about this and there are really few wrong ways unless you have a disaster by not allowing for food consumption, resources storage or the need for harvesting and gold.

Send to the new city (at a minimum):

  • 120 books
  • 15k gold
  • 20 beer
  • 10 saddles
  • 8 horses

NOTE: To speed things up, you can send more of these since they are not counted in the storage and cannot redline. This will speed up your Research and creation of harvesters.

Build your Resource plots to level 1. Set your Taxes to 0%.

Build your Library to level 1. Once built, click on the building, click on the Reading Room tab and convert your books to Research points.

Research Timekeeping under the City tab and research Haggling under the Trade tab.

Build your Marketplace and Storehouse to level 1.

Research Craftsmanship under the City tab and Cotters under the Trade tab.

Create 1 caravan in your Marketplace. Once created, locate a gold mine on the map near you and send your caravan to harvest the gold. (NOTE: Once you have more than 40 gold stored, create 4 more caravans and send them out for more gold).

Build your Paddock and Common Ground to level 1.

Research Foraging under the Trade tab and Bureaucracy under the City tab.

Once your gold levels permit, build 10 Cottages in your city (you can get rid of some or all of them later once your city grows larger). Send them out to harvest hides, minerals and herbs.

Level up your Storehouse as far as you can. Then either ask for Resources or feed them from your other city, taking care not to exceed your top level. Do this incrementally until you get to at least level 11, with the goal to get to level 15 as soon as you can. Once you get there, begin researching to build a Warehouse.

Send your caravans out to harvest resources daily.

Get your Paddock and Common Ground producing horses and cattle.

Level up one plot each of Wood, Clay, Iron, Stone and Food to level 7.

Research Bookbinding under the City tab and Grape Picking under the Trade tab (which allows your Cotters to now harvest grapes).

Build a Book Binder to level 1

Have Book Binder produce books. Once produced, convert them into more Research points).

Level up the Marketplace, Common Ground and Paddock to level 5.

Research the manufacturing specialty for your city under the City tab. Build the primary building from that research and level it up to at least level 3 to start.

Research Stonemasonry under the City tab. Once it completes, research Defensive Structures (this enables you to build a wall around your city.

Research the manufacturing tree for your city’s specialty and then build the building to level 1.

Begin the research tree for your Marketplace beginning with Bartering, Improved Loading and Chain Gang under the Trade tab. This allows you to add more caravans and increase their speed and load capacity as you level up the Marketplace.

Research to build a Warehouse. Under the City tab, research Bureaucracy, then Pioneering, then Inventory Management. Your Storehouse must be at level 15 to unlock the Warehouse.

There’s your start. Level up your buildings and resources as you can. Research the craft items for your city’s specialty.

Now is the time to research Diplomacy, Quest, Magic and Military and determine which or all of them you may want in your city.

ADVICE: Research Magic for defense of your city at first instead of Military. Runes defense should be more than adequate until your city grows large enough to support an army.


  1. Build up Resources steadily, keeping the levels relatively even
  2. Build up Food plots steadily, but not too quickly. Make sure Storehouse can handle inventory without going into the red
  3. Build your Caravans after you build a Marketplace and start harvesting
  4. Get your Cotters harvesting as soon as they are built
  5. Research and build specialty guilds for harvesting, if desired
  6. Use remaining open building plots for more manufacturing/production
  7. Once Wall is built, level down Stonemason and re-use the open plot