The following are available downloads of charts and reports shown on the other pages of this website.

These are for your use only! As a member of the White Tigers, these are created and provided for your success and growth - they are not for distribution to other Illyriad players at large.

While some of this information may be found in other Illyriad blogs and forums, much of it has been discovered by us - in many cases at great cost in time, Gold and other Resources. So don't go sharing it!

Even if you eventually leave the White Tigers, keeping this information to yourself may give you the advantage over other players in the future.

If the download is a PDF, you will need Adobe Reader in order to open it. To get a FREE copy of Adobe Reader, click here.

Other downloads may be from Microsoft products, in which case you will need that particular product in order to open the file.


As traders, our mission is to buy and sell. But what, exactly, do we target? This guide shows you exactly what to harvest for each item.


If you plan to pirate their resources, be sure to study the Complete Guide To Thieving so that you know what you are doing!