Guide For FAST City Growth

Please note:
This guide is mainly for prestige players but it can also be helpful to other players.

IMPORTANT: Things for fast growth

  1. Prestige
  2. Resources
  3. Building correct buildings at right time.

Most of the players know about prestige If you are not sure what that is, here is the link.

and the link to buy more is:

The more resources you have, or get from alliance members, or buy from the market the faster you grow.

This is the very important; you need to understand  clearly to use your prestige effectively.

Population is the amount of food consumed by the buildings you build. upgrading the levels of buildings increases the consumption of food and, therefore, it increases the population.

The list of buildings which will build population quickly are:

  • Common ground (produces cows)
  • Paddock (produces horse)
  • Book Binder
  • Bowyer
  • Horse Trainer
  • Tannery
  • Tavern
  • Mage tower
  • Consulate
  • Spear maker (spears)
  • Saddle maker (saddles)
  • Blacksmith (swords and chain mail armor)
  • Leather armorer (leather armor)
  • Fletcher (bows)
  • Forge (plate mail)
  • Guild Offices (Skinners, Miners and Herbalists)

You will also need a Marketplace and Library. Neither give much population but they are needed for gathering resources and research.

The Storehouse and Warehouse also don't give much population but you need them leveled up to store your resources for building your buildings. Get your Storehouse up to level 15 as soon as possible, especially if you are receiving resources from others

All the above said buildings give 1497 population at level 20. At level 11 they give 100 population each which is fairly easy to achieve, so if you are building quickly you can get your city to 1,000 population pretty quickly.

The important thing is they consume less resources when compared to other population giving buildings; Common Ground and Paddock consume more clay. Mage Tower and Consulate consume more resources than the other resource production buildings.

Balance is the key. You must pay attention to your resources and your storage capacity. If you receive more resources than you can store, of any type, they will redline, which means anything over and above your storage capacity for that resource is lost forever.

Also, until you are building harvesters, diplomats and military, gold is not that important in the beginning. Keep your taxes at 0% for as long as possible to decrease your building times. After that, increase taxes in 5% increments over time to build up your gold once your city has reached about 1,000 population.

HINT: Once you have a caravan built, search for abandoned gold mines in your area and harvest gold that way. This is an easy way to acquire gold without raising taxes too early.

As soon as possible, get all of your resources to level 1 so they are generating wood, clay, iron, stone and food for you at an increased level. Then level one plot from each up to 7 as soon as you can.

This not only unlocks some of the high population buildings associated with each plot but it generates resources fairly quickly. After that, level up the remaining plots as fast as possible to enable the leveling up of the buildings in your city.

However, make sure your storage keeps pace with your resource levels. If a resource redlines because of insufficient storage space, the excess is lost forever and cannot be recovered.

DO NOT neglect your food plots. If your population is starving because your food reserves go to zero, your buildings will begin to level down as population decreases until food production once again matches what your city can support.