Resource Trading Guide

As traders, our mission is to buy and sell. But what, exactly, do we target? As a rule, we should concentrate on what the market wants and needs. In Illyriad, that can be a bit tricky.

When you check out the markets in the trade hubs, you will see just about every resource being traded. However, how many of those resources have a use? Specifically, how many of them do you need for your use? Because after you cover your needs, everything else  is fair game to be sold by you.

Now, every trader is a bit different. Some will harvest goods and sell them, some will produce finished products to sell, either harvesting the resources or buying them in the markets. Whichever you choose to do, the last thing you want to do is sell a resource you will need for yourself later or waste time (and Gold) on a resource that really has no use.

Surprisingly, few of the Rare Resources we harvest or hunt are actually used. The following chart shows exactly what rare resources are used for armor and weapons, our principal production items.

Now, depending on what your needs are, you need to determine which of those items are of use to you. If you are building an army, whether to hunt or to conquer, you will want specialized weapons and/or armor. Or, if you just want to trade, specialized weapons and armor fetch a nice price. If your plan is to produce them, whether for trade or for an army, you need to know which ones to concentrate on

Needless to say, anything not on that chart may make you some Gold in the marketplace, but they have no use (as of this writing) other than to trade. Once you have them, you might just as well sell them off (for a profit, of course) because they have no other use as yet. Hopefully, the Devs are working on that.

Below are the charts of weapons and armor and the rare resources required to make them.

Now, other Resources not used for weapons and armor are used for Prestige paper. Unless you have a ton of Prestige to unload, you may probably never use these charts. However, the larger, older players may be creating paper to sell or give out to friends so these Resources may be valuable in the marketplace.

To be honest, I would sell them for as much as possible every chance you get unless and until you get big enough to actually have a need to create these papers. The following chart shows the rare resources needed for each Prestige paper type.

These are created in your Library. Click on Library Production and the following screen will come up.

The papers are redeemed in the Reading Room of the Library, just as books are redeemed for Research points. See the graphic below.

So, be a smart trader – don’t hold on to rare resources that you don’t need and don’t sell what you will need to build specialized products at a later date.

If the Devs start utilizing other Rare Resources, please let us know so that we can update the charts. Just open a ticket on our Contact page.

Click here to download the Excel spreadsheet if you want to have a copy of these charts on hand.